About the courses

  • At your own pace

    Our online courses allow you the flexibility to learn when you want, where you want and at your own pace. Pause and pick up where you left on any module and move on when you're ready!

  • Instructional videos

    Each course is taught by a Microsoft Trainer with years of experience in training. Their goal is to empower you with the knowledge to enhance your ability. Videos are short and bite-sized, allowing you to retain what you've learnt easier!

  • 1 year course access

    Access to each course for an entire year. Allowing you time to revisit and/or refresh the content you've learnt.

  • Mobile and Tablet Compatible

    Our videos can be viewed on your mobile phone (IOS and Android), tablet or PC/Mac. So you can continue your learning journey wherever you are.

  • Hands-on exercises

    Each course provides downloadable hands-on exercises in each module to work on as you learn. Allowing you to put into practice as you progress.

  • Recognisable knowledge

    Transferable skills to many roles in different industries. Choose the right course to gain the expertise you need to fulfill your requirements.

Watch Intro Video

Free Preview Video!

Here's a taster into our Excel Intermediate course where we talk you through keeping headings at the top of a screen using Freeze Panes